The Lehrer Boys on Comic Book Exchange


It was a real schmooze fest on The Comic Book Exchange last Wednesday (July 5th) as The Lehrer Boys (Daniel & Jeremy) described it. The twins were inspired by Far Side growing up but thanks to those pesky Gifted & Talented programs were pushed towards a different career path until they both left their lucrative corporate jobs to pursue their cartoonist dreams.

They discussed how they started their daily Instagram cartoons that can be described as cartoons for the discerning idiot and perfectly pair as satire for the current political climate. Don’t worry there are plenty for the potty humor loving folks out there like myself, masturbation is one of their favorite topics and past times.

Their cartoons didn’t go unnoticed (they do have over 100k Instagram followers) and that ultimately led to creating & developing numerous shows for Fox, Adult Swim, Amazon and Maker Studios. Their latest venture with Maker Studios is Highly Gifted based on their socially challenged high school years and starring comedian Ron Funches, Nat Faxon and Kesha.

While you wait for Highly Gifted be sure to check out their Instagram (@lehrerboys), for your daily comic fix, their shop ( or for more information on those awesome contests like Jam Jam for Your Gram Gram.

Be sure to check out the entire interview here, where we talk comics, the process and of course masturbation:


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