If it’s really #TimesUp then why did Hollywood & the press sit on the James Franco story? I want to preface this by saying I have actually always been a fan of Franco’s work especially when he invaded Daytime on General Hospital and anytime the guy works with Seth Rogen it’s brilliant.

BUT that doesn’t excuse his behavior and sadly this isn’t the first time allegations have come out and as a woman in comedy, I’ve heard plenty more. Sadly I’ve heard these stories since I moved to LA in late 2013 much like Louis CK but yet it’s odd how the “academy” chose to make their big #TimesUp statement at the Golden Globes but at the same ceremony reward someone who is a part of this long list of alleged sexual predators.

For me it put a damper on the whole message and if anyone wants to pretend that some of these folks were not aware of this when someone on the F list like myself was, then they are either stupid or a liar. I say it’s #TimesUp for hypocrites.

Now I stand with women like Tessa Thompson, who brought up Lena Dunham’s lack of work on the #TimesUp movement and definitely shouldn’t have apologized for calling her out. Lena Dunham is herself a sexual predator and the last person who should be a part of this but this is exactly why this movement that should have been a positive step of women actually coming together and supporting each other (for once) became nothing more than a publicity stunt for Hollywood elite to pat themselves on the back and call themselves heroes.

Let’s quit pretending that the press, media, Hollywood, etc are heroes. They are NOT. Most of theses folks liken themselves to Peter Parker or Clark Kent but guess what? Those fictional characters weren’t heroes because of their “journalistic efforts”. It’s because they put on a suit and actually protected the weak. They didn’t pick and choose what to bring to light and when and tout themselves as heroes. They just did the work. That’s all we can do, the work.


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