Mario Van Peebles Discusses SYFY’s Superstition

HTW - Mario Van Peebles

Mario Van Peebles dropped by Afterbuzz TV, Tuesday January 16th to discuss his SYFY series Superstition with Lacretia Lyon and Chauncey K. Robinson of Horror TV Weekly.

Mario is creator, writer, director and star of the show so he wears many hats but that doesn’t stress him out. He’s an actor and director so of course he’s an actor’s director like Clint Eastwood, who gave him his big acting break in Heartbreak Ridge. “[He’s] been able to take advantage of learning from great directors like Clint…” and of course his father, director Melvin Van Peebles, and it is definitely present in the great tone of Superstition.

Speaking of family, Mario’s daughter Morgana also co-stars on Superstition playing his granddaughter, Garvey. Coming from a famous family like the Van Peebles dynasty, the word nepotism can come up a lot with casting decisions but Mario does not believe in it, he said “…in my family we don’t confuse people we love with people who are good at what they think they want to do…” and even using specific examples much to our amusement like his eldest daughter who’s in the Senate but sounds like “… a dying cat when she sings…” or his mother who loves acting but “but [Mario] would never hire her because she’s not good…”. Luckily Morgana has the chops and he loves directing her when she’s not studying at Columbia.

He also discussed his own “Superstitions” and how “there are three kinds of people: people that watch things happen, people that complain about things that happen and people that make some sh*t happen…” and he mentions that it is not just Hollywood that has Harvey Weinstein’s of the world. He believes in the superstition of positive energy and how it’s important to “when you have the power [Directing New Jack City]…you have the choice to make everybody look like you…but that would just be to get even…and that wouldn’t be a step up, that’d be a step back and I’d rather paint with all the colors…” and then he offered a timely quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr “If you don’t acknowledge that you subliminally want to tip the checkerboard over if you feel you’re disenfranchised and not a part of it so it’s really important to recognize everybody in their part in it and then we take ownership…”

He loved host Chauncey K. Robinson’s term for the new emerging horror genre “Woke Horror” and wanted to “use that for [his] next interview…” since it is a great term that represents the horror Zeitgeist that has been revitalized by Jordan Peele with Get Out on the big screen and now Mario’s Superstition on the small screen.

Mario will be headed to the big screen this April with Armed that he also writes and directs. Armed takes on yet another timely subject as he said “there’s that old saying nothing stops a bad guy with a gun like a good guy with a gun…it’s torn from the headlines…it’s about three different real stories…[he] would call it a Woke Thriller.”

Superstition airs it’s Season Finale Thursday January 18th at 11/10c and you can follow Mario on Twitter @MarioVanPeebles where he will be live tweeting. Watch Horror TV Weekly anytime on Afterbuzz TV or new episodes LIVE Sundays at 10pm PST and be sure to follow your hosts @lacretialyon and @mschaunceykr.

Catch the complete interview here:


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